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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Update on Give a Book campaign

Hello everyone and lots of love to you all on Valentine's day. As we share our love to our other halfs, friends and families, please spare a thought to those who suffer deprivation in different forms.

I just wanted to update you all that the Give a book, save our future campaign is very much alive. For those of you reading about it for the first time, its aim is to collect book donations from kind hearted people and donate same to some schools in Nigeria. This we believe will help to support the educational and future life chances of young people who desperately need them.

If you are new to this blog, you can go to the Give a book post and read up to find more details about the campaign.

I'll be making a live appearance on BenTv tonight (Tuesday Feb 14) at 7pm (UK time) to create more awareness and publicity. Thank you to Tunde Alabi at BenTv and all the crew there for giving this campaign an opportunity at no cost, very much appreciated.

Thank you to all bloggers who have already published a post about this campaign on their blogs: Myne Whitman, The Relentless Builder, A-9JA-Greatayabaodusote, and Nollywood Rave. I also remember Naijalines, for your positive comments and also promise to donate. Thanks too to Toyin Ibrahim who has agreed to become a co-facilitator and to Ginger, @ilola, Stelzz, Muse Origins for your kind words. And to anyone that I unintentinally missed out, my sincere apologies but be rest assured your contribution is greatly appreciated. Special thanks too to my lovely wife for your unrelenting support and the Almighty God, on whose strength I constantly rely on.

NB: Please if you promised to donate, let me know when you intend to send your book donations and I'll provide you with the address where it needs to be sent.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for the positive comments :-)

  2. This is a laudable project. I wish I could be of helpful, but best wishes all the same.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, don't just wish to be of help, you can take action :-)

  3. Keep the flag flying man,you doing a very great job.

  4. Well done. I'm a bit late but how did the program go? Hope great. Tweeted a link to your page and even shared it on my facebook page. Will probably dedicate a post to it soon...

  5. Thanks Stelzz, the program went really well. I have been inundated with numerous phone calls and quite a few people have come on board. Thanks for the tweets and Facebook publicity, I really appreciate it. I'll do a post about the tv program soon.



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