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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Naija Visit

Hello people, hope all is well in blogsville. I recently visited Nigeria with my family. Enjoy some pictures of the good, the bad and the ugly.

I spent some time in Enugu and I was mightily impressed with the many stretch of roads that have either been newly constructed or repaired. It was also similar story in some rural areas I visited.

Inside Shoprite in Enugu - long bread queues!
New merry go round facility outside Shoprite

In contrast, the Enugu-Onitsha Road was in a terrible state.

Onitsha was even worse! Me and a friend drove through Onitsha on our way to Asaba to visit a relative. To describe the roads as horrendous is truly an understatement, it was really terrible.

Abuja rocks and hills povided some stunning view of nature. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Nigeria especially my kids who were visiting for the first time even though they're still quite very young to fully appreciate it. Despite our many challenges, Nigeria is a country full of potentials, if only we can harness it to its maximum.


  1. Welcome back to Old Blighty, bro. You haven't missed much. Looks like you had a nice time. I've heard so much about the shopping centres (haven't been home in ages!) so it's nice to see pics showing what I can look forward to. Pity about some of our roads and other infrastructures. E go better sha!

  2. Thanks Adura, looks like not much has been going on in blogsville if I havent't missed much then.
    The shopping centres were very impressive - I learnt that South African investors are behind it. Wish our politicians will invest our money in Nigeria and create jobs for our youths. Hope life is treating you well :-)

  3. Bread queues at Shoprite! I surely remember that!! They have the yummiest bread in Naija..hands down. That's all i buy from Shoprite. *Sighing at UK's Hovis and Wharbuton*

    Welcome back. Dear Lord, that pix of Onitsha is horrendous. What's Gov. Obi doing?

    1. Shame I didn't get to eat their bread as I was only interested in local food during my stay. I don't know what Gov Obi is doing, it was the same in Awka, the roads were treacherous!

  4. welcome back
    most roads in Anambra state are just need to see Nnewi road (super horrible)
    good to know you enjoyed your stay

    1. It's sad that nothing seems to be happening in Anambra State at least judging by what I observed. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow. I am glad you had a nice time.

    Unfortunately, I have never really visited Enugu. We just drive by, on our way yo Nnewi

    1. Thanks, Enugu is a serene but lovely city, hope you visit some day.

  6. Nice pictures, Naija4Life. I was also in Enugu two years ago & was impressed with the structural development. But, as one of my uncles put it, there is heaven and hell in Naija.

    Some of the pics didn't have captions, would have been great if you had included that.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  7. Very nice pictures. But as Mitt Romney always mention in his political debate, "Government don't create jobs". I strongly agree with him, we can't always rely on the government to take care of us, especially Nigerian governments who are too busy looking out for their own interest. I applaud what foreign investors are doing in Nigeria. They see the potential in Nigeria and are reaping the financial benefits while providing jobs. Afterall, the cashiers and bread makers at shop rite aren't South Africans. Nigeria is a developing country with so much potential and financial reward for those looking to make it instead of sitting down and blaming the government.



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