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I have reached that stage in life when the need to give more of my time and expertise has become more imminent. Unfortunately I haven't got money to give - I wish I did. But I want to use this medium to reach out to our young people or anyone who needs a coach, mentor, career guidance etc. In my job as a teacher, I do this informally for my students and also as a Line Manager and Teacher Training Mentor but wouldn't it be great to do same on a bigger scale especially to fellow Naija folks? I think so, hence the motivation to embark on this vocation.

Let me make it absolutely clear that I'm not doing this as a launchpad for a career in Motivational speaking or coaching neither do I have the desire to do so. I believe knowledge comes from God and if anyone has been blessed with knowledge and expertise gained through years of hardwork, then it wouldn't be too much to share. This is just my own belief and nothing against anyone who holds a contrary view.

If interested or you know anyone who may, please fill the form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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