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Sunday, 3 June 2012

One Tragedy, too many

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Words cannot describe how deeply saddened I am with the tragic Dana Plane crash in Lagos and the suicide bombing in a church in Bauchi. My thoughts and prayers goes to the families of the dead and injured in this very traumatic and immensely difficult times.

Every country have their fair share of both human and natural disasters but the frequency and severity with which these are happening in Nigeria is very alarming. The biggest worry for me is that within a few days from now, after a 'committee' would have been set up to investigate the 'causes of the incident' everything would have being forgotten about, we carry on as normal like nothing ever happened.

I hope those we have entrusted to find the answers to the challenges we face as a nation will come up with solutions to help us navigate our way out of all these mess, most of which I believe are self inflicted. Those who fail to learn from history may one day become history themselves.

May God bless Nigeria.


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