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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Birthday Blues...11/11/11

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It's my birthday today and birthdays are always very special days to people and I'm no different as today means a lot to me. 11th of November every year provides me a unique opportunity to first of all say a big thankyou prayer to the Almighty God for his abundant blessings. It's a day that prompts me to look back down the years and reflect on my life's journey from where I have come from and where I am now. For someone who has spent just over three decades on earth, I wouldn't necessarily say my journey has been that long but nonetheless very eventful. If one day I decide to write a book, I'm sure it will be a very big book judging by life's ups and down which I have had to go through.

In my view, there are two most important days in anyone's life; the day you were born and the day you die. However, as much we all may want to live longer, what has become increasingly of more importance to me is what legacy do I leave behind when the inevitable day of demise arrives? As a husband, father, son, brother, cousin, friend, professional colleague and blogger to different people, the question I always ask myself is, how much contribution would I have made to other peoples' life when I'm long gone? Today is another constant reminder to ensure that I think and act in more ways than not to make positive contributions through my words, actions and thoughts to the lives of other people including the aforementioned.

My birthday will not be complete without a special tribute to my wife and two boys, their love inspires and motivates me and makes life more meaningful. And to all my blog followers, without you there will no one to blog for, you really rock :)


  1. the last paragraph is melting my heart. happy share the same birthday with my brother.
    wish you more joy n fulfillment

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I wish you more prosperous years

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! Thank God I didn't miss it. I wish u d very best this new year. God is going to bless you and grant you your every heart's desire! Remain blessed...

  4. Happy birthday, God's blessings to you and yours for the many years ahead. You share the day with my friend Divaose who is also a blogger.

  5. @Luciano, thank you so much and my warmest wishes to your brother.

    @MsJB thank you and may you also have many prosperous years ahead

    @Uzoma, may God bless your ways too. Thank you

    @Adurra Ojo, God bless you too and happy b'day to Divaose

    Thank you all, you've made my birthday more worthwhile.

  6. Whoa! I missed it! Better late than never, right? Happy Belated Birthday! Here's wishing you all the best and praying that you find more strength and inspiration to leave a worthy legacy behind. Keep blogging! Stay blessed.

  7. @Relentless builder, like you said, it's better late than ever. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It tells a lot about your character.



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